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Kajal Villa

Kajal Villa

A cluster of 4 houses for 4 brothers’ families, is envisioned as a small community to enrich the bond shared by the families and at the same time, keeping their individual identities intact. These contradicting concepts of ‘communal’ and ‘personal’,  demand a unique identity for each family while maintaining a common language that binds the whole built form and external spaces together.

This is achieved by creating a versatile material pallet that is a combination of wood, concrete, marble and brass in various patterns, creating multiple feature elements throughout the project. Additionally, a combination of finishes, textures and fabrics come together and create a dialogue within the space with their own elegance and personalities.  All these elements blend without cluttering or overwhelming the space.

A notion of asymmetry adds on to the overall character and imparts a peculiar identity to the space.  It also changes the dynamics of the same material pallet used in different areas, confirming with the contradiction in  ‘communal’ and ‘personal’ identities.




2013 - 2020






Site: 4650 m(50,000 ft2)
Bunglow (Built Up): 715 m(7700 ft2) Each
No of Bunglows: 4


The design is a juxtaposition of wood, concrete, marble and brass harnessed differently to create various highlighting elements throughout yet pondering a sense of control. As a result, the space has a tranquilizing experience due to the predominance of the muted tones. Accent items are places throughout the house to break the monotony of rooms. A notion of asymmetry adds on to the overall character and gives it a peculiar identity, thus changing the dynamics of the material pallet.

All the rooms have ample amount of natural light through out the day. The quality of light, be it natural or artificial, plays a vital role in quality of spaces inside. In contrast with natural daylight,  a very controlled approach is taken towards artificial lighting.

Special focus was on various details, especially on the main door which is not only one of the most prominent highlights of the house but also suitably utilitarian to the client. Combination of textures of fabrics like soft cotton, linen and leather with metal, concrete and wood create a dialogue within the space with their elegance and personalities.



Dilip Revar, Vimal Patel
Hemanshu Dodiya, Khyati Haria, Nikhitha Pasupuleti, Santosh Patel, Smriti Bhanti, Yash Patel