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Located on the fourth floor of a modern high-end residential apartment called Seventy, this project is an attempt to create a calm, luxurious oasis for a family of doctors for their occasional visits to Ahmedabad.  

With a glass facade on three sides, all internal spaces of 70/401 enjoy beautiful natural light and views of green foliage leveled with the apartment. Responding to its architectural character, 70/401 is envisioned as a space of lightweight character, unifying different elements into a simple and minimal gesture of planes. All walls, doors, windows, and ceilings are reduced into vertical & horizontal planes, differentiated by varying materials and textures. 

In the private zone of the apartment, a hundred feet white oak wall conceals room doors, storage units, and built-in appliances, becoming a feature that enhances the linearity of space and reduces visual clutter.   

Materials from the architectural elements of the house are continued in the custom-made furniture pieces. Natural light streaming in through the glass facade is complemented by the soft glow of translucent banana leaf lighting fixtures. Together,  the carefully selected minimal furniture, light fixtures, and artworks bind the spaces together and provide a sense of continuity and harmony. It is a calm, minimal oasis that creates an island of repose. 








Seventy, Ahmedabad


420 m2


Elle Decor


The interior spaces of the house were designed to enhance the feeling of luxury by using a neutral color palette. A combination of subtle shades of grey in the marble flooring, plastered walls, fabrics, and upholstery was used as a backdrop, while white walls and ceiling helped to create a sense of calm. Natural elements such as white oak veneer and fluted panels on wooden elements were added to bring warmth to the space.

To add a touch of personality, contemporary artworks, and artifacts were used sparingly in shades of rust-brown and pale pink. Overall, these design choices helped to create a cohesive atmosphere throughout the home.

A cozy and comfortable bedroom is a sanctuary that offers a respite from the stresses of daily life. Bedrooms are designed to be a place where one can relax and unwind, away from the distractions and demands of the outside world. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, soft lighting is used along with comfortable bedding and warm colors.

The use of natural materials such as oak wood and linen also adds to the sense of warmth and comfort. The bedrooms are kept minimalistic and decluttered to avoid any overwhelming or stressful feelings. With these elements, these bedrooms are the perfect places to unwind, relax and feel at ease.

The interior architecture does not compete to gain attention but provides a place where life takes the center stage and each activity becomes effortlessly enjoyable.



Dilip Revar, Vimal Patel
Aesha Thakkar

architecture visuals dhrupad