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Sanskardham Campus

Sanskardham Campus

UNSEEN Architects is engaged with the design of the transformation of the Sanskardham campus which includes exterior renovation and interior up-gradation along with strategic intervention at various levels. This transformation is an incremental process envisioned to improve the overall environment to suit campus requirements and hence significant improvement in campus life for students and staff. 

Sanskardham is located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad, spread over 125 Acres of lush green, pollution-free, natural landscape. Sanskardham follows specific values and methods of the gurukul system (the oldest education system in India) and is dedicated to every aspect of the all-round development of a student.

As the parts of campus was built over a long period of time by various architects, our primary goal is to bring these different, dissociated buildings under one, unified campus by incremental interventions at different scales such as designing event venues and walkways to facilitate connections between blocks (macro) to workplace improvement, furniture design and sanitary facilities up gradation (micro). 

The intention is to develop the Sanskardham Campus into a world-class education and sports institute while maintaining the values of the traditional educational system of India. 





2022 onwards






Dilip Revar, Vimal Patel
Aditya Ikhe, Jay Dodiya, Swim Mewada