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Blue Zinger

Blue Zinger

When driving from point A to point B, the intermediate stops are barely important and are used for a short duration of time. Breaking away from this notion, the program and design of Blue Zinger (also known as Food Circle) encapsulate the idea of creating a ‘destination’ en route NH-8 to demote fatigue driving. It offers a refreshing break for travelers as well as a vibrant hangout space for people living in nearby towns.  

An inclined metal cylinder rises from the ground creating a simple yet striking form. This cylinder is divided into two halves. One half houses an indoor food court whereas the second half is open to sky; where an outdoor seating area gets activated during evenings. A rectilinear transparent block, inserted into the cylinder, houses cafe and restaurant that are independent of the food court. 

This juxtaposition of forms creates a condition that brings variation in spatial quality, light, volume and scale of spaces. This variation opens up possibilities of multiple activities, catering to locals as well as travelers making it a ‘destination’ along the route.


Hospitality & Destination


Rest & dine facilities for travelers including food stalls, cafe, ethnic restaurant, indoor food court, outdoor dining area, accommodation, rest rooms, kids play area, event venue






Gomta, Near Virpur, Rajkot – Porbandar Highway


Site: 12,000 m(129,165 ft2)
Built Up: 3,685 m(39,665 ft2)
Food Court: 540 m(5,810 ft2)
Outdoor Seating: 582 m(6,265 ft2)


Kuber Enterprise


Designed as much as possible according to the principles of climate, inclined cylindrical form with tilted walls minimize solar exposure at any given time which reduces heat gain. Amount of glass facade in west is reduced because of inclined metal roof. The continuous glass facade is interrupted vertically by deep metal walls that keeps out excess heat, while brand hoardings between these walls, acting as another layer of sun protection. Overheating is prevented by a combination of sun protection and the low solar penetration factor of the glass.

Achieving clear visibility of all available food options was one of the key aim of the interior design. The single volume interior space is divided in three different zones by intersecting linear block: Two zones of high ceiling with huge hanging lights and one zone of intimate ceiling height with cozy lighting. Food court provides various seating configurations suitable for different groups, mood, group size and preferences enabling different experiences. Large glass windows connects indoor food court with outdoor dining area and bring ample filtered day light throughout the day. Greyish blue geometrical shaped terrazzo flooring is used to define circulation path through the food court, which also separates seating areas from self serving areas.



Dilip Revar, Hardik Lakhani, Vimal Patel
Kajal Patel, Nikita Panchal,  Nikhitha Pasupuleti, Santosh Patel, Yash Patel

Studio Flamebirds